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Technology is making Learning Spanish obsolete

Hola Amigos, So, yesterday I was talking to mi hermano and he said he doesn’t need to learn Spanish. He said that those days are over. Spanish fluency for him is already attainable. Being that he’s mi hermano and only finished high school Spanish 2 with a B,  I  just had to ask what he […]

The Real Advantages To Online Language Learning and You

The real advantages to online language learning and you  (Part 1) The real advantages to online Second Language Acquisition (SLA) are the multitude of resources available.  Any where from rock bottom free to high priced online software programs that allow for speech recognition. So what is the best approach? Well, it depends. First, what is […]

If you’ve ever said, “I’ve taken a few years of Spanish but I can’t really speak it at all.” (This one’s for YOU)

One first learns to understand a language and then to speak it. (Research suggests that second language acquisition first occurs through comprehension which then naturally leads to production.) So how does someone go about doing that? First, you’ve got to understand what you hear.  If you cannot comprehend what you are listening to, well…there is no meaning […]

HAY (Spanish style) – There is/are

Sí señor (or señora),”Hay” (pronounced like the English subject pronoun, I or “eye” that you see with) ”Hay” – one word in Spanish that means 2 words in English and that can have multiple meanings depending on the subject being either singular or plural. (see examples below) Plus, it’s a SUPER common word and it […]

Spanish Phonology

The phonology of a language is defined as the study of the systematic organization of sounds in that language. Because of its Latin roots, Spanish shares a number of phonological characteristics with other Romance languages, with some distinct variations. Of particular interest is the acquisition of the ability to distinguish between particular phonological sounds when […]