Live Your Bilingual Dream

If you’re ready to take your Spanish to the level of real fluency, Fluency Fox gives you the access to the method and technology to get you communicating with Spanish speakers in less time and with more confidence.

Join the Conversation!

Interact while you learn with an entertaining story about a young woman’s adventures speaking Spanish.

Each chapter consists of 3 distinct sections that you can select based on your learning preference. (see Program Specifics)

Fluency Fox targets people that have some Spanish knowledge but who want to understand native speakers and be able to say much more than just a phrase or two.

Fluency Fox gives you the comprehension tools to understand what natives are saying so you can join the conversation and finally live your bilingual dream!

  • Level 1 quickly reviews and solidifies your basic beginner (A1) level skills through conversational story based dialogue in context. Fluency Fox Level 1 opens the door and paves the way for you to Join the Conversation at the crucial elementary (A2) fluency.
  • Level 2 continues improving your fluency with new vocabulary and additional grammar structures. A variety of scenarios will have you confidently engaged, understanding and responding with an entertaining Spanish teacher/student question and answer story dialogue.
  • Level 3 takes you to the intermediate level (B1) with a combination of the past, present and future verb tenses using similar vocabulary and grammar structures presented in levels 1 & 2.
  • Levels 4 & 5 promote even more complex conversational learning opportunities. New vocabulary, additional grammar structures and more real life scenarios are introduced in one continuous story adventure. Strategic conceptual repetitions provide the functional language elements allowing you to understand and describe experiences and events, hopes and dreams and, to confidently communicate reasons and explanations for your opinions and plans.


You choose how you interact with the story chapters.

Jump between sections to meet your individual learning needs.

You’re in control of how you want to respond to the quizzes and questions.

Slow the dialogue to improve comprehension.

Set the loop feature to repeat any part of the story.

Learn Spanish Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device!


Fluency Fox gives you the key components of Spanish so that you will realistically understand and speak with native speakers in a way that was previously out of reach.

Understand what you hear through stories, structured repetitions, English translations, quizzes, and optional vocabulary and grammar lessons.

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The Result

You will have obtained and exceeded the “Threshold” intermediate level (B1) fluency with enough practical skills and knowledge to understand and interact with native speakers in less time and with more confidence.

Fluency Fox gives you the tools you need to take your Spanish to the streets, classroom, office or any Spanish speaking country so You can Live your Bilingual Dream.

You’ve invested valuable effort and hours trying to learn Spanish. Now’s the time to finally understand and speak Spanish.

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” -Frank Smith

Nancy Raulston

“Like so many, my high school Spanish got rusty. I could still pick out a few words in writing, but my accent had never been good enough for me to feel comfortable speaking it. Fluency Fox has helped me feel more confident than I ever have before using my Spanish. Marko’s approach really works!”

Señor Fox

Fluency Fox hears, “I used to think I could understand a lot of Spanish but just couldn’t speak it. Now, after Fluency Fox I can confidently do both!”

Peggy DeVoy, Child Welfare Consultant

“I very much regretted losing the familiarity with Spanish that I once had. I was never fluent, but as the years passed I really lost whatever competence I’d had. That said, I questioned my commitment and whether I’d follow through with any Spanish language program. Fluency Fox turned out to be the perfect answer for me! It’s fun. It’s convenient. I set daily goals for myself, but before long I was racing ahead. Now, I look for opportunities for Spanish conversations!”