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Each chapter consists of 3 distinct sections that you can select based on your learning preference.  The Story Overview, a Vocabulary and grammar Structures preview and the question and answer Story Dialogue with included quizzes.

The focus and benefits of this course are on understanding Spanish in context and interacting at normal conversational speed.  Some grammar instruction is embeded throughout the dialogue for review and clarification but again, maximizing your Spanish comprehension is the goal!

The Story Overview begins with an on screen content rich image accompanied by an audio read through of the story in English.  This provides you with a first look at what the story will cover in the Spanish version and allow you to move through the Spanish dialog with greater ease.

The optional Vocabulary and Grammar Structure preview assures that you will be familiar with the key words and structures you’ll need for complete comprehension.

Second language acquisition first occurs through comprehension which then naturally leads to production.  Fluency Fox is based on comprehensible input of high frequency words using repetition and recall of stories.

The Story Dialogue describes the action and asks questions related to the story.  The male voice is that of the instructor and the female voice is the language learner role play.  Story statements will be said twice.  Listen to the statement the first time, and during the second repetition, repeat either mentally or verbally as much of it as you can to greatly enhance your verbal proficiency.

After each question throughout the dialogue respond mentally or verbally as quickly as possible.  After a brief delay allowing for your response the student role play will begin followed by the instructor confirming your response.  This process allows you to affirm that you are correctly engaged in the conversation.  To test your knowledge, strategically selected timed quizzes pop up throughout the dialogue or if you prefer at the conclusion of the chapter.

As you enjoy the story, if at any time your comprehension is less than 85 % use the onscreen Spanish transcript, the English translation, the loop feature and or the slow play option for full comprehension.  You can always return to a previous point in the dialogue where at least 85 % comprehension is the norm.  These comprehensible repetitions increase your Spanish language processing speed and expedite the learning curve. 

As you move through the chapters your progress is recorded and shown next to the chapter via pie charts, chapter completion check marks or quiz dominance trophies.  The Fluency Fox icon to the right of any chapter indicates you have won a quiz bonus that you can access by clicking on the icon.

Have fun!  Learning to understand and speak Spanish is now within your grasp!   UPGRADE

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