Spanish Tips n Tricks

Fluency Fox Spanish Pronunciation and Practice

Learn the fundamentals of Spanish Pronunciation with this comprehensive video that will teach you each letter of the Spanish Alphabet, it’s sound and offer examples that you can use to practice and improve your verbal and communication skills.

Fluency Fox Spanish Stress and Accents

In this Spanish Language tutorial, you will learn the fundamentals of the Spanish stress and accents so that you will be able to better understand and communicate with native Spanish speakers.   You will also learn the importance of accent marks and how they determine the meaning of a Spanish word depending on whether or not it has an accent.

Fluency Fox Spanish Interrogatives/Question words

Spanish interrogatives are essential to understanding native speakers and allow you to identify what information is being requested when a question is posed.  You will be introduced to a wide range of Spanish interrogatives not only translated, but also conceptually explained so that you will be able to increase your Spanish language processing speed.

Más Fluency Fox Tips n Tricks Coming Soon!