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During these challenging times, one thing is certain, learning Spanish is in everyone’s benefit. 

Fluency Fox is offering an opportunity for you to invest in yourself. 

You will get over an hour and a half to interact in Spanish. 

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If you have taken some Spanish before, even if you’ve forgotten most of it,

Fluency Fox can help you improve your Spanish so that you can communicate with Spanish speakers like never before!

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Fluency Fox hears, “I used to think I could understand a lot of Spanish but just couldn’t speak it. Now, after Fluency Fox I can confidently do both!”

Señor Fox

“I very much regretted losing the familiarity with Spanish that I once had. I was never fluent, but as the years passed I really lost whatever competence I’d had. That said, I questioned my commitment and whether I’d follow through with any Spanish language program. Fluency Fox turned out to be the perfect answer for me! It’s fun. It’s convenient. I set daily goals for myself, but before long I was racing ahead. Now, I look for opportunities for Spanish conversations!”

Peggy DeVoy
Peggy DeVoyChild Welfare Consultant

“Like so many, my high school Spanish got rusty. I could still pick out a few words in writing, but my accent had never been good enough for me to feel comfortable speaking it. Fluency Fox has helped me feel more confident than I ever have before using my Spanish. Marko’s approach really works!”

Nancy Raulston

Why Choose Fluency Fox


The Bottom Line

What Fluency Fox does is allow you to take the Spanish you’ve learned and make it the Spanish you’ve always wanted so that you can go beyond a phrase or two and realistically join the conversation in less time and with more confidence.  

10 minutes a day

With Fluency Fox, that’s all it takes.

The complete audio software experience will enable you to understand a 7,000 word long story entirely told by a native speaker in Spanish.

Additional Info

Fluency Fox takes the most effective second language acquisition research and combines it into a program that finally allows you to take the Spanish you’ve learned and make it the Spanish you’ve always wanted.

The courses consist of an interactive presentation of content rich images, audio, and on screen synchronized text. The focus is on Comprehensible Input (Krashen), high frequency words (Davies), and multiple and spaced repetitions through story telling and asking related questions that allow you to recall the story details (Ray).

These three elements plus the interpreter’s technique tip, “shadowing”, combine to allow you to understand Spanish as well as prompting you to speak. Comprehension is the focus and not necessarily grammar (although grammar explanations are included for clarification.)

Each chapter has an optional Vocabulary and Grammar Structures section to prepare you for that chapter’s content. Much of the vocabulary may be familiar to you, however, you will be consistently challenged as these words are used and creatively reintegrated at normal conversational speed and in context.

Also, cognates throughout the dialog will train your ear to recognize similar types of words that will greatly enhance your fluency.

Jump beyond remedial Spanish. Take the opportunity, the rewards are endless. A whole new world awaits. Join the conversation and live your bilingual dream!