What is keeping you from speaking Spanish?


What is keeping you from speaking Spanish?


That was easy enough right?

Each one of us can do what we want anytime we want to do it.

“It’s not what you do that matters, it’s how you do what you do!”

And so it is with learning to understand and speak Spanish.

Take for instance, the base scenario of someone, who over the course of several years possesses an underlying burning desire to feel comfortable while engaging in a conversation in Spanish with a native Spanish speaker.

Take a moment to digest that event.

Moreover, put yourself in that event.

Picture yourself, listening, understanding and responding (and better yet, adding) to a conversation in Spanish with someone of interest.

It may seem a long way off, especially if you have had countless experiences where you started off full of good intentions to do just that: initiating an exchange, only to suddenly find yourself way over your head at some point in the conversation feeling totally lost and frustrated.

You are not alone!

It has happened to us all.

But in the words of Conan the Barbarian, (or Nietzsche) “That which does not kill you, makes you stronger.”

And so it is with learning to understand and speak Spanish.  (And pretty much everything.)

Rarely is something of great value gained without considerable effort. 

The trick is to maximize from that effort and reap the greatest results.

By this I mean, find the method that best serves you and your interests so that you stay motivated and continue pursuing your goal.

It may be baby steps at first.  That’s fine, take them.  Take a bunch of them.

Learn what works for you.

Today’s post will be succinct.  In Spanish: “Vamos al grano”

You have to take risks albeit calculated risks.

Study up with materials that will ignite what Spanish you’ve learned in the past. 

Once you’ve done that, “Take it to the streets.”

Start speaking!

Make mistakes and keep on keeping on.

Your efforts will produce the desired results.  But only if you do it!

We can all wish, but actions will achieve the goal, eventually.

The best part is that the actions that will have to be taken will be available.  They are called opportunities.  Its up to each of us to know they are there and give it an honest go.

The saying, “Fake it until you make” applies here as much as anywhere.

Don’t cut yourself short.  You can do it!

It is the “Sí Se Puede” attitude.

If you want it, its for the taking!

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